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Colourworks, 13/04/2018-25/04/2018

This is Malcolm Giladjian’s fourth solo exhibition at the Town Mill; he is still working on larger paintings.

With the use of oil he has a new found freedom in his marks that oil paints allow him to form.

He says this is a new development in his journey.

More about the artist

Malcolm Giladjian born in Dover 1953. Brought up and educated in Woking Surrey. He studied Art and Design at Brook House College of Art in Wiltshire.

Post Graduate Studies:

  • Central France, In the Cher, the region of Berry and the Loire were he spent some time studying colour painting and sketching buildings and landscapes.
  • Malcolm went on to study and paint with Dennis Perrot while living in Brittany this is where his painting of Boats and Harbour scenes started. He now lives in West Chelborough, Dorset painting local harbour scenes also painting nautical abstracts such as Cardinals, Buoys, Channel markers and Leading lights, from his sailing days.

People say that Malcolm’s paintings make them happy with great energy, colour and movement.

Julie Oldfield – recent work, 19/04/2018-2/05/2018

I started experimenting with weathering process on my work when I was using canvass as the base material, by leaving them in my garden for weeks or months, sometimes dipping the work in the sea as well. More recently I have been working on metal sheets such as copper and brass. I incorporate oxidization and reduction reactions through heat, acids and alkalis, in addition to natural weathering. These processes are applied to the whole metal sheet or targeted to specific areas. Mixed media such as pastels, spray paints and textural materials are then added to develop the image and texture, either on canvass or metal. Sometimes I scrape away materials to expose the metal beneath, giving a depth of reflective light. My paintings often incorporate materials such as sand or soil from the land or seascapes being painted, providing a ‘local provenance’.

In addition, I have been experimenting with chemical reactions to create my own pigments and 3 dimensional textures on canvass and metal e.g. mixing copper sulphate with bicarbonate of soda, resulting in a blue froth that solidifies, which can be used as a textural base e.g. for turbulent seas.

Occasionally I work with mixed media on a canvass or metal in situ, but I usually take photographs of the environment I want to paint – to grab the moment when lighting is unusual or dramatic – sunsets, clouds, reflections on the sea etc. and work from these at home. I also make sketches and create a colour palette to remind me of the scene and mood I want to paint.

The resulting images are not intended as exact records, like a photograph. My work gives an impression of the environment and is intended to provoke contemplation and an emotional response.

Ways and Means, 6/04/2018-18/04/2018

Ways and Means: the process of image making

The Morcombelake Art Group exhibition “Ways and Means: the process of image making” shows how twelve artists have worked over the last year to expand their working practice.

This has included experimenting with innovative mark making, collages, new printmaking techniques and varied approaches to drawing from life. The idea has been to push and develop each artist’s repertoire and to show in the exhibition, initial ideas, sketches and experiments through to final images.

MAG is a small artist co-operative based in Morcombelake. It exists to encourage, educate and develop its members through informal drawing and sketching forays, experimental print making workshops, painting, drawing from life, visiting exhibitions and an annual group exhibition.

While several of the group already exhibit individually, the group exhibition allows those who haven’t, to step up to the line and present their efforts for public scrutiny, an essential rite of passage.

At meetings, the emphasis is on using members’ skills to lead the sessions and cross fertilise ideas through help and collaboration.  As most artists work alone, the feedback gained from the group can provide encouragement and support when trying out new ways of working as well as a necessary constructive critique.

The pooling of resources allows us to share a printing press and buy materials at bulk prices, but the real value is to be gleaned from the experience and knowledge of the more experienced members.

Open daily 10.30 –4.30pm; free admission

Private View Friday 13th April 6-8 pm


The Light that we Seek, 30/3/2018-11/4/2018

This exhibition showcases paintings by Sue Lewin and Chris Goodman and sculptures by Greta Berlin that explore their shared fascination of the natural surroundings of walks along the coast and countryside paths.

Open daily 10.30-4.30.  Free admission.

Sue Lewin

Sue Lewin’s paintings are inspired by the dramatic light and mood of sea and sky, and natural landscape.

They reflect her interest in geology and a love of nature and travel.  The drama of storm features regularly in her work, reflecting patterns of fleeting light movements; it has drama coupled with a soft intensity. This can also be seen by her curious figures of either solitary walkers or group figures that meander like clouds along the beachscape. You want to know what these people are doing so you enquire deeper into her pictures.

Sue’s interpretation of this ammonite laden Dorset coast gives us more than the naturalistic form of landscape; she fills us with a sense of space and time that falls into you, much like her endless eroding cliffs.

Earth, Hare, Fur and Water, 16/3/2018-28/3/2018


Lucy Tidbury, Mark Page, Michelle Clements-Davies, Sandi Mower – a collaboration of four local artists using a variety of styles, mediums and subjects, but their passion for art is the same.

Lucy specializes in oil paintings and particularly known for her ‘Moo Selfie’ series combining the curious cow with iconic local landmarks.

Mark works primarily in pencil, he has two sides to his work, his sketches of hares have a more spontaneous look but he also has stunning drawings particularly landscapes and architecture which are almost photo realistic.

Michelle from ‘Harbour Wood Design’ creates miniature harbours from locally sourced driftwood, with an incredible amount of detail all made from found objects, Michelle also has a series of paintings, some may say they have a Pollock style about them but with a twist.

Sandi, a watercolour artist, paints British wildlife in a loose style with a bright palette. As a keen bird watcher she takes inspiration from the local landscape but also loves to paint fun and funky creatures from far away lands!

This is the first time all four of these artists have worked together for an exhibition and it’s fair to say it’s going to be an exciting mix. All four artists are based not far from Lyme Regis, Lucy, Mark and Michelle are Dorset based with Sandi not far in Somerset. They all take inspiration from the local landscape and its residents to create their work but in very unique and different ways.

Open daily 10.30-4.30, free admission.

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Contemporary Crafts, 17/3/2018-4/4/2018

Dynamic selling exhibition showcasing some of the best contemporary craft from UK based craft-makers.

After the success of last year’s Contemporary Crafts exhibition, Town Mill Arts will once again showcase over fifteen designer-makers giving both established and emerging makers an opportunity to show their work within the setting of our Malthouse Gallery.

Unique examples of ceramics, glass, wood, metal, textiles and lighting will be on display at a range of prices to suit everyone.

Open daily 10.30-4.30, free admission.

The Nude in the Abstract, 2/3/2018-14/3/2018

Seeking the female nude in the abstract

“This body of work from the students of ‘The School of Art and Wellbeing’ has been a journey of trust and commitment in discovering the language of form hidden in the random mark making and bringing it into the viewer’s eye.

“Our first exercise was to create a large scale surface using as many different materials as possible – papers, cloth, pastels, tissue, rich with texture and colour, with no idea of where it would lead. Now, with a wonderfully diverse surface to work on we tried to find the female form hidden in the random application of materials where we could begin to find and control the shapes, spaces and tones, allowing the figure to emerge. This exhibition is the culmination of 2 terms’ work where the students began to truly understand the tension between the line of an object and the space it inhabits.

“As the tutor, I am thrilled with the body of work exhibited here in the Malthouse.”

Mary Ann Wilmot

Landscapes and seascapes, 2/3/2018-14/3/2018

Russell Coulson

Exhibition of landscapes and seascapes both local and imaginary in impressionistic, expressionistic and slightly abstract styles. The paintings can be naive and spontaneous  and therefore never overworked or stagnant.


Russell Coulson – The Anchor

Russell Coulson has had a career working in advertising and design as an art director and creative director in international advertising agencies and graphic design groups in London, Australia and on the continent.

He has been an accredited designer/illustrator for Disney and Warner Bros and consultant designer for license houses in London, Germany and Scandinavia. Also he had his own studio in London for a number of years specialising in corporate design, gift packaging and illustrative merchandise.

Russell has also illustrated for most of the national periodicals and newspapers and a few children’s books. He has created original characters for websites and play centres including the Cricket World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Having moved to Dorset four years ago he now spends most of his time painting, drawing and doodling.

Open daily 10.30-4.30. Free admission

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Printmakers Open 2018, 9/2/2018-28/2/2018

The main art event this winter at the Town Mill in Lyme Regis will be the hosting of its third Printmakers Open, running from 9-28 February. The success of the previous two Opens, in which over 40 printmakers from the South West –  including many members of Exeter’s Double Elephant – took part, has encouraged an expansion into a second gallery in 2018.  Thus, in addition to showcasing local and Double Elephant printmakers and offering printmaking workshops, the Open will feature recent work by members of the Society of Wood Engravers with their traditional and figurative work as well as bold and modern engravings that break the mould.

For lovers of printmaking, a visit to the Malthouse and Courtyard Galleries in February will be an essential date for your diary.

Free admission, open 10.30-4.30 daily