Corruption on Bent Copper, 10/8/2017-23/8/2017

A new exhibition of Julie Oldfield’s metal based paintings

Julie’s inventive and distinctive work uses the natural rusting, oxidation and corruption of copper, brass and aluminium sheets as the foundation for her mixed media land and seascapes. She adds pastels, spray paints and other media to build her paintings, often scraping away materials to expose the pure metal beneath. The combined textures and raw metal give a light that glistens from deep within the waters and vegetation of the sea and landscapes.

Julie will also be showing work on more traditional canvas and board, using similar techniques that involve weathering, scraping and building layers of mixed media.

Open daily 10.30-4.30pm, free admission.
Private View 12 August at 6pm.

Julie said, “I’ve been developing and refining my work on metal ‘off cuts’ for a few years now. It is exciting and often surprising and challenging to use the random corrosion patterns and colours that develop as I leave the metal sheets in my garden for a month or two.

“I often use acids and alkalis to accelerate or change the chemistry on the metals. The resulting colours inspire different ideas and images that I can develop. Some of my paintings take months to complete as I take the work in and out of my garden to continue the weathering process and build the textures.”

Julie’s innovative work has been gaining national recognition, with her work also on show in the Mall Gallery, London as part of the annual Society of Women Artists exhibition, 4 – 9 July 2017.