Driven to Abstraction, 25/8/2017-6/9/2017

Contemporary photography by Tricia Scott ARPS and Lois Wakeman LRPS

For the last week in August and the first in September, the walls of the Malthouse Gallery will be home to a carefully-selected set of contemporary photography, together with a display of some of Lois’s earthenware pottery decorated with bird, leaf and seashore designs.

Open daily 10.30-5pm, free admission. Evening opening till about 9pm to meet the exhibitors on 25th August – all welcome.

As featured in Evolver magazine’s July-August edition as one of the 100 Summer Events to visit! Download it for yourself, or pick up a copy at many local art venues in the southwest.

About the exhibitors

East Devon photographers Tricia and Lois are both fascinated by the unseen corners and beautiful decay to be found by the shore and inland, as well as more conventional beauty.

Following on from their successful collaboration in 2015, Tricia and Lois are exhibiting together at the Town Mill again. Many visitors to “Beyond the Obvious” were intrigued by the contemporary subjects on the walls, with comments like “This makes me want to take my camera up again and really look” being typical. Lois says “We hope this year’s exhibition provokes the same sort of reaction!”

They both enjoy finding beauty that others might pass by unseeing – in forgotten corners of boatyards, dilapidated buildings, corroded metal, weathered concrete and wood, strandlines, wakes and waves. A painted hull may suggest an exotic landscape, an abandoned room may provide a serene still life, and the ever-changing patterns of the sea yield abstract studies of colour and form. The natural world is also an abiding interest for both exhibitors. Lois is interested in minimizing the footprint of her art, concentrating on the local landscape and flora, whilst Tricia is a keen traveller and has a much wider scope for her images.

What they said last time:

  • Man on phone: “Look – I reckon I could clone that out in Photoshop and then use it”
  • It’s a lovely exhibition – makes me want to get my camera out again
  • It’s a lovely exhibition, I wish my sisters were here to see it – but I enjoyed it very much
  • Fabulous work
  • Dull, boring and uninteresting.  Don’t know why anyone would want it on their walls
  • Brilliant photos
  • Inspirational
  • Lovely to be able to see beauty in the everyday
  • Most inspiring – to be able to see things
  • I was so impressed I brought my partner back to look
  • Quite nice pictures (through a mouth full of ice cream)
  • I hope you don’t mind criticism (no, we don’t). This is the worst exhibition there’s been here. My neighbour paints lovely flower pictures that would be so much nicer on the wall … Oh, are you the painters?
  • The best exhibition I have seen here (in the Malthouse)
  • Beautiful photography, very nice
  • Really inspirational
  • Some of the loveliest I have seen (Tricia’s boats)
  • Are these one-off prints? (No!)
  • You can take a photo of nothing very much and make it into a nice picture