Son and Mother, 29/11/2018-5/12/2018

A joint exhibition of Mother and Son who work in similar colour palettes, media and inspirations but create quite different interpretations.

The bulk of work in this exhibition is oil on canvas with some sculpture, prints and film to represent Benjamin’s mixed media creativity.

Benjamin Clegg:

With 30 years’ experience as a mixed media Artist, Benjamin has returned to his roots with painting after a long gap exploring other media; 20 years running an event lighting business, 30 years creating bespoke creative spaces, functional art, sculpture.

Painting with Light is his most recent expression being a evolution from lighting events and becoming a Light artist.   His inspirations have always been nature and landscapes being interpreted through abstraction, texture, large scale, and high energy colour palettes. His work has always been large, with a metre square being as small as his canvas tends to be.

Ben feels that what he has to say in his work is less important than other people’s reaction. He is the biggest fan and paints for himself as a form of self therapy and expression, but when other people find something they resonate with from his work, then this is fantastic and gives him great reward.

Angela Clegg (Fahey):

Angela Fahey is an expressionist painter living and working in the South West of England.   Inspired by the natural environment and how we live within it, she seeks through colour and form to abstract the core elements of a scene or situation and create a balanced image that reflects her experience of that place.


“Colour has been a dominant visual force from childhood and I remember asking, aged five, to have a reproduction of Van Gogh’s boats I’d seen in a magazine to hang on my bedroom wall.

Later, decorating the family home explored the effects produced by different shades and tones on how light is reflected and the atmosphere it creates.   Then, with the family becoming more independent, pursuing a degree in Art and Design, English and Philosophy as a mature student was a freeing experience and led to a 20 year teaching career.

More recently, my energies have focussed on expressing a response to a particular scene or situation through art.  The West Country provides a rich source of creative inspiration with its wild moorland and rocky coastal areas and in my paintings I endeavour to catch that elusive element that first attracted me.   Working in oils enables vibrant and textured application of paint to produce a dynamic image through colour and form.

While my work is a personal expression of what I see it is, nevertheless, rooted in a structurally observed representation of the subject that I then work to reduce to its basic elements.   Buildings and openings create tension and frequently lead me to explore intangible depths through layers of colour which I may then scrape back until the balance feels right.

Each painting is a journey of discovery, rarely achieved quickly, and aiming to create a dynamic whole that invites the viewer to consider further.”