A Feast of Colour, 28/07/2018-08/08/2018

Oil paintings by Caroline Liddington, inspired by the joy of colour as seen in the Dorset coastal landscape.

These large and small narrative paintings explore unexpected views through doorways and windows. Some images incorporate many smaller vistas, others focus on a single aspect producing a more abstract impression. All the work celebrates a courageous use of colour inviting the viewer to embrace the summer colour of Dorset.

“After many years of training, experimenting, writing and observing, I have produced a large body of creative work, in a variety of mediums.

I have always been inspired by my surroundings, in the early years I worked figuratively, painting and sculpting portraits and using the human form as an integral part of the composition. Later I painted the rooms I inhabited, the windows I looked out of, the chairs I sat in and the doors I walked through.

I explored the landscape surrounding and beyond my home. In recent years I have included my emotional response to the subject whilst experimenting with application and design.

I paint with careful attention to detail and the placement of objects (blocks of colour) into space, taking care with my colour choice and observing each painted area within the context of the whole picture. Defined edges are important, pure colour meeting pure colour, creating a visual feast and a vibrant relationship between myself, and my subject. Every mark is made with intention; nothing is left to chance. Expression, spontaneity and energy emerge as a result of my hours spent painting a picture, not the wild process of painting.

Recent themes have been taken directly from my experience of the Dorset coastal landscape. Motifs within the pictures include seascapes, landscapes, boats, birds and cats amongst other colourful seaside paraphernalia.

I make quietly (in myself) away from others, always preferring solitude and silence and my results are considered, quietly constructed, yet loud in my colour choice and design.”

Open daily, 10.30-4.30, free admission