What can I buy?

Own original art!

TMAG artists sell a wide range of arts and craft at their exhibitions, and there is now a dedicated retail space just inside the Courtyard Gallery, for affordable and individual cards and prints.

TMAG shop visitors
TMAG shop visitors selecting greetings cards


At each exhibition, you will have the chance to buy original works of art, some expressly created for the event.


Most artists sell prints of their original work – this gives you a chance to see a wider variety of subjects, and buy something to grace your walls at an affordable price.

Most prints are mounted ready to frame, and you may also be able to buy framed work too.

Greetings cards

You can buy a large range of photographic, painted, textile and mixed media cards at the exhibitions – some 40 different artists sell their cards throughout the year. At each exhibition, there will be special cards by the exhibiting artists, so even if you can’t afford a painting or print, you can take home an original card, perhaps signed by the maker.

Edna Dorrington Ronnie Creswell Colmer's Hill - soft pastel

How to pay

We take cash, cheques, and all common credit and debit cards. Larger items can be reserved upon payment and taken at the end of the exhibition if that is more convenient.

Other goods

The Town Mill hosts a number of other shops, where you can buy a range of crafts, edibles and drinkables, and tourist souvenirs. Make sure you have a good look round!


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