Who’s who

Directors of Town Mill Arts Company LtdJeanne Goodridge Tricia Scott. (until 28th February, when the Trust intends to close the company).

Spokesperson: Elizabeth Richie, Secretary: Lois Wakeman

TMA contacts for Town Mill Trust: Tricia Scott

Publicity, PR, listings: Karol Kulik, Moya Paul

Exhibition organisation/booking: Phil Clayton phil@townmillarts.co.uk / Tricia Scott / Jeanne Goodridge

Web site enquiries: Lois Wakeman lois@townmillarts.co.uk

Finance/billing: Irene Benson irene@townmillarts.co.uk

Membership: Irene Benson irene@townmillarts.co.uk

Exhibition Advisers: John Ombler, Elizabeth Fortescue,  Hilary Highet, Tricia Scott, Jan Calow and Sarah Gibson

Please send emails for anyone else to phil@townmillarts.co.uk and messages will be passed on to the right person.

Paid positions: Book-keeper: Irene Benson; web manager: Lois Wakeman; Artistic director: Phil Clayton, assistant AD: Sarah Thomas.


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