And the winner is…

TMAG logoLois Wakeman, whose design for the new TMAG logo was chosen by the committee at the November meeting. John Ombler‘s Mondrian-inspired design was a very close second.

Lois wins a year’s free membership to TMAG. She says

“I was very pleased that my design was chosen, but disappointed that more members didn’t take up the opportunity to enter – I was surprised that so few thought the prize wasn’t worth a go! As an arts organisation I am sure there are lots of accomplished TMAG graphic artists out there who could have done better than I did.”

“My design was based on the text patterns that Anthea Simmons has been using for publicity in 2010. I have several variations that can be used in different situations, and the colours can easily be changed – for example using blues when we are taking part in the Maritime Lyme festival next year.”