BEE inspired, 7/9/2017-25/9/2017

BEE INSPIRED: New Work by Carolyn King

Open daily, 10.30am-4.30pm. Free admission.

The latest whimsical and timeless paintings and illustrations by author and artist Carolyn King, who is also launching her third book, About a Bee, a delightful mix of facts and fun.

About the artist

Carolyn trained in London in Fine Art, and from the earliest loved writing and story telling.

Born in Cheshire and now living in Wessex  with her artist partner, 2.5 cats and an ancient family of seasonal gulls, her formative years were spent in Cornwall and Paris with sea, town and country inspiring her whimsical and timeless paintings of the ‘human’ condition’ which she continues to exhibit. Major shows include:

  • R.A. Summer Exhibition
  • RWA Selected Painters
  • Mall Galleries.

About the new book

ABOUT A BEE’ is Carolyn’s third book and like the ever popular ‘Fish Lizard of Lyme and ‘Along came a Seagull’ ‘About a Bee’ is a delightful mix of fact and fun!

The front cover of ‘About a Bee’

As a challenge Carolyn also learnt to knit and  both knitted and  felt bees will be on sale for charity throughout the exhibition.

(Visitors to the show are welcome to add to this collection and  spare wool and needles will be on hand!)

In her show at the courtyard gallery Carolyn will also present recent work which links with her chosen mediums of Egg Tempera, Oil and Beeswax, all traditional yet still in use by artists today.