19 – Beyond the Obvious, 3/9/2015-16/9/2015

– an exhibition of photographs by East Devon photographers Tricia Scott and Lois Wakeman

Tricia and Lois first met a few years ago, and soon discovered an eerily similar interest in subjects and techniques. Born several years and an eastern county apart, they have both washed up in Devon, and found their photographic twin!

The title of the exhibition comes from their fascination in seeing not just a pretty scene, but finding inspiration in intricacy, pattern, texture, shadow, reflection, symmetry, geometry, ripples, spots and dapples. Maths (chaos theory, turbulent flow, fractals and the Fibonacci sequence) can explain a lot of it for us, but dedication is necessary to find beauty in places that others might just pass by unseeing, eyes fixed firmly on the grand view.

Images by Tricia Scott
Images by Tricia Scott

Both Tricia and Lois live near the sea, so the coast – whether natural rocks, sand, seaweed, shells and waves or man-made rusty iron, hulls, sheds, ropes, and fishing paraphernalia – is a major source of material. Tricia is both a sailor and an avid traveller so finds more far-flung locations to inspire her, but Lois spends nearly all her time near home and is constantly looking for new angles on familiar subjects, whether by the sea or in the beautiful hinterland of the Jurassic Coast.

Images by Lois Wakeman
Images by Lois Wakeman

What will you see?

Expect peeling paint, rust, lobster pots, corrugated iron, as well as more conventional subjects like shorelines, shadows, waves and reflections. Both figurative and abstract images will be featured. The exhibition will be hung in sets of related images by both photographers, together with a small selection of earthenware pottery by Lois.

Opening details

The exhibition will be open from 10 till 4.30 every day from September 3rd to 16th, closing at lunchtime on 16th.

Late night opening on 4th September – “Meet the Photographers”, 6-8pm. All welcome.

At the Malthouse Gallery, The Town Mill, Mill Lane, Lyme Regis, DT7 3PU