Borderline, 23/6/2017-5/7/2017

Alison Bockh, Zara McQueen and Kim Pragnell

A challenge to the accepted meaning of landscape, seascape and sculpture.

Borderline is a visually engaging presentation of 2D and 3D work by three artists, who either work or live in the environment they are presenting. Collage, acrylic, and the combination of wood and metal are designed to promote interest and discussion.

The space or line between two entities, surfaces or textures is often illusory, as is the place where Counties are defined, where elements or colours are separated.

Where sea and shore meet constantly changes, yet there is a clear difference between the two. Where is the actual line where this happens? Landscapes are defined by the relationship between solid mass, horizons and sky. Yet, the separation between the elements is more nuance than reality, giving the opportunity to express this as an exhibition of visual art.

Three dimensional materials appear to have secure edges until combined with colour and texture, they produce images that stimulate the imagination.

Borderline is the narrow difference between personal taste, acceptable images or individual expression and in this exhibition, the line between public and artist is open to definition.