Born to Shine, 15/4/2016-27/4/2016

Paintings by Irina Song

“My oil paintings will take viewer on a wonderful journey across magical world of brilliant colour, glistering light and divine inspiration. Each painting has its story behind, being born on the top of a cliff, on a beach or in a deep valley of Dorset hills, where I used to walk to gain an inspiration. Blazing light and colours meet together in my paintings and create an impression of living melody or singing colours.

My acrylic paintings are rich in texture and every dancing brushstroke creates sense of joy and freedom. I love to paint outside, spending hours gazing at the view,its like breathing in the atmosphere of surrounding beauty and breathing out images full of positive feelings producing even therapeutic and emotional impact on a viewer.

I have to admit that most of my oil paintings have an idea of an everlasting drama between light and darkness. Golden colours speak of promises treasured in my heart. When I paint the colours just explode onto the canvas as my overflowing emotions pour out through my fingers and paint brushes.

When I go for a walk to gain an inspiration I cannot take my eyes off the skies and wondrous clouds formations. But this moment catches my eye the most: when light breaks through the heavy clouds proclaiming victory. This constant wonder arises in me: the harmony of colours and light overwhelms my heart and my hands convey this beauty onto the canvas. This passion flows onto the canvas and without this passion my art would be lifeless and flat.

When I paint I love to listen to nice and calming but uplifting music. I feel myself being embraced by this Heavenly harmony of words and music. The combination of these great views of Dorset Coast and beautiful music creates images in my imagination which later on become paintings. Some of my recent paintings show an expression of love and romance.

Different boats depicted in my paintings often represent myself, being drifted out to the shore or joyfully floating out in a sea. These boats might have struggled but haven’t been destroyed by the disappointments of this life. The light coming through the clouds means fulfilled dreams ready now to comfort my heart. For me art is an expression of something far deeper than the art itself. It reveals the deepest emotions, pain and happiness, hidden fears and hopes.

I believe all these thoughts and ideas have been developing and accumulating in my heart since my childhood, when I walked for miles along the fields and have been looking at the sky, admiring its beauty. That’s why my best studio still is a beach or a valley. With the weather permit I paint outside on a spot , mostly with acrylic, capturing the freshness of a view and absorbing an atmosphere of a freedom and relentlessness of the sea.

I paint on large and medium scale canvases with oil and acrylic, being confident with using both mediums. Acrylic- for more quick, fresh touch open-air paintings and oils- for luxury large scale paintings, painted in a studio.

I use to run solo exhibitions in different galleries. The variety of prints ( reproductions from the original paintings) are normally presented during the exhibition as well as plenty of cards.”