09 – Both Sides of the Hill, 8/5/15 – 20/5/15

Two like-minded but contrasting artists, Elizabeth Fortescue and John Calder, have chosen to bring their separate styles of work together in order to share their joy in the West Dorset landscape as seen from ‘both sides of the hill’.

Their perspectives on this landscape, as well as the skills and media they use to express it creatively, are very different.

Elizabeth’s first exploration of the area embraced its wildlife, social and farming history, while John’s early experience involved milking cows, exploring woodland and damming streams.

Elizabeth’s practice is to map and trace its forms, physically exploring the subject in charcoal, paint, linocut etching and textiles.

John’s practice is also physical, but he crafts monumental, expressive structures from nature’s raw materials using chainsaws, knives, secateurs and a trusty billhook.

In their joint exhibition at Lyme Regis’ Town Mill, under the scorched beams of the Malthouse, these artists offer their responses and encourage a dialogue about our own interaction with the landscape around us.

Open from 10.30-4.30 every day, free admission.