Colour and Clay, 31/3/2017-12/4/2017

An exhibition of paintings by Elizabeth Richie and ceramics by Ali Hebert

Two East Devon artists share their enthusiasm for creating pieces that are organic in nature and material. Elizabeth explores the elements of water and earth in her striking new paintings. Ali explores some repeated bowl and cup forms.

Open daily 10.30-430, free admission. Preview Friday 31, between 5-7pm.

This exhibition is designed to highlight the process of creating pieces that are not always predetermined but evolve.

Elizabeth Richie

Elizabeth allows the free movement of marks and colours in her paintings to emerge as images, some remaining abstract and others interpreted as landscapes. Elizabeth’s last exhibition at the Courtyard Gallery focused on her ‘Doodle Dancers’ large charcoal drawings inspired by her career as a dancer. Her recent work continues to involve the play of light and movement, which is fundamental to the way she approaches her paintings, but in a different way. Now she is more excited when exploring the unknown and the happy accidents that occur when the marks and colours dance together, perhaps in a similar way to improvised dance or music. The energy of the unexpected delights her.

Ali Hebert

Ali works from her studio in Colyton to produce stoneware and porcelain pots, predominantly made for use. Ali trained as a production potter and enjoys all aspects of the making process which concentrates her awareness at every stage. Ali enjoys the exactness of making in repetition and the satisfaction of refining repeated forms over the course of throwing. She also values the slightest nuance that can make a change and offer a fresh take on a familiar design. Ali’s work is fired in a gas reduction kiln to 1280c and in the kiln her firing skill and glaze knowledge put the pots through their final test. There are colour changes to the clay and glazes which take on a rich patina. Each place in the kiln gives a slight difference to the glazed pots so that every one is unique.