13 – Colour Works, 18/6/15 – 24/6/15

An art college graduate, Malcolm Giladjian developed his fascination with landscapes and especially boat and harbour scenes when he did his post-graduate studies in central France and Brittany.

This solo exhibition highlights his focus on colour and movement in capturing the essence of a scene in this series of uplifting paintings.

Open daily; 10.30-4.30. Free admission.

More about the exhibition

My art work depicts colour and movement by using marks that represent the image or scene creating many images within my work

I find with the use of mixed media it enhances the creation of each piece also with the use of a palette knife and even reed pens  I can form the marks that give freedom to my work.

From previous exhibitions  people have said that my paintings make them happy.  This is exactly what I feel when I am using a sketch book, just using marks not really thinking of the exact image.  It gives me the freedom that makes me want to paint. It stops me from sticking to the same style .  I am a great believer in not  standing still with my art, trying to move forward all the time.

I describe my work as a journey always moving into new directions, at time without realising.  Each painting shows a little of that with  movement and forms that can be seen each time you view the work.

Bio and Background:   Malcolm Giladjian born in Dover, Kent  in 1953 . He Lived and was educated in Woking Surrey. From 1988 – 90 Malcolm studied Art and Architectural Design at Brook House College of Art in Wiltshire.  Post Graduate Studies : Central France, Le Cher, in the region of Berry and Le Loire. Where he spent some time studying colour and sketching landscapes.  He then went on the study and paint with Dennis Perrot in Brittany where his paintings of boat and harbour scenes started.  He has now return to England living in West Chelbourough, Dorset.