Connections: Out of the Blue, 12/3/2016-23/3/2016

A colourful, energetic and uplifting exhibition of paintings and sculptures

Rose Richards, Painter, Peter Coates, Painter, Toni West, Sculptor

The unique paintings of Rose Richards and Peter Coates share a love of colour, whilst the sculptures of Toni West draw inspiration from her love of dogs.

Diverse but complementary, their work is energetic and uplifting.

Toni, Peter and Rose

Peter’s inspiration connects with the Mediterranean colours and the clear blue skies of the south of France where he lived for twelve years. He brings this influence, layering colour on colour, using oils and acrylics, to the landscapes of the South West.

Rose produces large, vibrant paintings using acrylic paint, ink and spray paint. Her work, both abstract and figurative , expresses the energy of colour. It embraces the textural qualities of paint combined with the rhythmic movement of natural forms.

Love of dogs, and observation of their behaviour, has resulted in Toni’s animated sculptures, capturing their spirit, movement and energy.

They are produced by making wire armatures upon which she sculpts wax models for final casting in bronze or bronze resin.