Divine Essence, 26/5/2017-7/6/2017

Eclectic artist Liz Shewan continues to explore her experiences with nature in this year’s solo exhibition – her connection with her love of all things spiritual and folklore means her work is full of spiritual essence all with the aim to ‘Inspire your Heart’.

“Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil I now find myself settled in the beautiful patchwork rural rolling hills right on the border where Devon, Dorset and Somerset meet, just a stone’s throw away from the famous Jurassic Coast – all of which proffer me much inspiration.

I’m not one to stick to just one medium when I work.  I find myself constantly growing and experimenting bringing about several styles of work in whatever medium suits the project.  That said, my work always seems to connect the viewer to the slightly mysterious. You will see hints of Pagan, Gaelic, Native American, Shamanic and Christian references in places, to name a few.

I exhibit every year at the Mill and this year I continue my journey in exploring my experiences with nature and deeper meanings.  Focusing much on my fascination with hares and alchemy in this show, my connection with all things spiritual and folklore means that my work is full of spiritual essence all with the aim to ‘Inspire your Heart’.  My work flows between painting to drawing to jewellery to sculpture and photography to which I feel there is a continuous connection as the story progresses.

I took a Foundation Course and started a photography degree at the West Surrey College of Art and in the late 1980’s.   For personal reasons I did not continue on with this course; deciding at this point to continue down the self taught route. In 1999 I gathered the reins and took art up in a professional capacity.  I had a studio at Wimbledon Art Studios in London for some years, whilst also exhibiting in London Galleries.  After years of study I now also practice as an Energy Healing Consultant for both people and animals, which in my mind fits very well with my artwork.  Much of my work is constantly growing and inspired by my experiences with various healing modalities.

I am an active member of the Visionary Arts Community, regularly facilitating educational workshops for regional artists. Since moving to the West Country I have held exhibitions nationally and been featured regularly in Glastonbury, Bridport, Hampshire, Manchester, Buckinghamshire and Lyme to name a few, both through self promotion and by galleries representation.  My work is loved by art lovers, animal lovers, spiritually minded, collectors and those looking to take their first steps into the world of fine art; and is featured in collections in the UK, Brazil, France, USA, New Zealand, Africa, Spain and Ireland. ”