18 – Earth-Air-Fire-Water, 21/8/2015-1/9/2015

Group show of Shed Gallery creatives

The Shed Gallery is an online website that holds pop-up exhibitions.

This year’s Summer exhibition is made up of a selection of amateur and professional photographers and artists from around the UK and Europe. In each exhibition we provide a title for our creatives to use as inspiration and this year’s title is EARTH-AIR-FIRE-WATER.

Our artists and photographers have the scope to explore in depth their surroundings either in a direct way through beautiful landscape photography, or interpret the theme in a more abstract way. Images range from the power of the sea to rain drops on a lens, snow in Iceland, mist in the vales, watercolour sketches, to brooding skies over Dorset.

We curate the exhibitions to show a broad spectrum of original work and photography printed on elegant aluminium. We will also accompany this year’s show with another art trail in Lyme Regis bringing artwork in an approachable way to the wider public.

Find out more: http://www.theshedgallery.com/blog/

The curator will also be working in the room above the Courtyard Gallery during the exhibition – find out more.