Earth, Hare, Fur and Water, 16/3/2018-28/3/2018


Lucy Tidbury, Mark Page, Michelle Clements-Davies, Sandi Mower – a collaboration of four local artists using a variety of styles, mediums and subjects, but their passion for art is the same.

Lucy specializes in oil paintings and particularly known for her ‘Moo Selfie’ series combining the curious cow with iconic local landmarks.

Mark works primarily in pencil, he has two sides to his work, his sketches of hares have a more spontaneous look but he also has stunning drawings particularly landscapes and architecture which are almost photo realistic.

Michelle from ‘Harbour Wood Design’ creates miniature harbours from locally sourced driftwood, with an incredible amount of detail all made from found objects, Michelle also has a series of paintings, some may say they have a Pollock style about them but with a twist.

Sandi, a watercolour artist, paints British wildlife in a loose style with a bright palette. As a keen bird watcher she takes inspiration from the local landscape but also loves to paint fun and funky creatures from far away lands!

This is the first time all four of these artists have worked together for an exhibition and it’s fair to say it’s going to be an exciting mix. All four artists are based not far from Lyme Regis, Lucy, Mark and Michelle are Dorset based with Sandi not far in Somerset. They all take inspiration from the local landscape and its residents to create their work but in very unique and different ways.

Open daily 10.30-4.30, free admission.

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