Edge, 31/08/2018-12/09/2018

Celia Goodman,  Kathy and Martin Collins,  Jasper Jacob

Four artists display their varied skills inspired by landscape and seascape where water meets land and deserts, field and forest meet sky.

Celia and Kathy work in glass in different ways: Kathy makes illuminated panels for display on walls, in windows or as lights, suggesting coastline and sea in sunshine, calm or storm.  Celia’s cast glass reflects her passion for three dimensional sculptural pieces.  Some have been inspired by her love for nature and the natural forms, such as ammonites, sea stars and sea weed to be found on the Jurassic coast, others are more abstract, demonstrating a joy of form and colour.

Martin throws pots in fascinating shapes and sizes, each uniquely crafted and glazed.

Jasper’s watercolours are inspired by landscape, colour and light and how the wind brings together sea and land. He has painted all over the world and his work delves into the energy which shows an inner life.  Paintings of the English countryside respond to the ever-changing and inconstant weather.  Those of Croatia show the seasons, rain, moonlight and a mysterious lady who echoes the landscape behind her.  Those of Italy and France capture challenging elements and how the power of light is exerted on the land.

The four artists have joined forces for ‘Edge’ to demonstrate how each has been enthused by colour, light, shape, contours, weather and atmosphere where the elements meet.

Open daily 10.30-4.30, free admission