Elizabeth Richie


I have been painting for several years and am currently one of the artists working at the Town Mill under the tutorage of Phil Clayton. During the past 2 1/2 years I have been able to explore many new techniques, styles and materials as well as working on longer term projects, concentrating more on the process of mark making and colour. My exhibition Fluid Lines at the Courtyard Gallery in Sept 2015 focused on my “Doodle Dancers” large charcoal drawings inspired by my career as a dancer. I continue to use this experience to find ways of creating the play of light and especially movement in my work. This often involves listening to music and physical movement while I am painting.  My paintings in Colour & Clay, an exhibition with ceramicist Ali Herbert, in April 2017 highlights the process of creating pieces that are not always predetermined but evolve, allowing the free movement of marks and colours in my paintings to emerge as images, some remaining abstract and others that may be interpreted as land or seascapes. I am most excited when exploring the unknown and the happy accidents that occur when the marks and colours dance together. The energy of the unexpected delights me.

Background: The arts have played a major role in my life, starting with ballet classes aged 6 and dancing professionally in Montreal. I arrived in London in 1967 and worked as a Stage Manager at the Royal Court Theatre and in the West End before working as an Arts Administrator incl Drama Officer at the Arts Council. I later trained as an  Acupuncturist and moved to Axmouth, Devon some 20 years ago where I had a busy practice until I retired in 2014.

Cards and prints of my work are available at the Town Mill Courtyard Gallery

Gallery. Email: erichie@hotmail.co.uk