Felicity Brichieri-Colombi

FELICITY BRICHIERI-COLOMBI, an artist now living in East Devon, was born in England.   Her father was an Italian singer and her mother an artist from New Zealand with an academic background.

Felicity painted from a very early age but was steered away from art as a career.  She studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London and later in Germany, then worked for many years as a freelance violinist and as a duo with her pianist sister.

After the death of her husband, who was also partly Italian, she returned to her first love, which was painting.

She paints mainly in oils and her evolving style looks at the planes and facets of her subject, veering towards abstraction but always with a starting point of reality.

Colour and light are her inspiration, through which she seeks to reach the essence of the landscape, still life or person that she is portraying.

“My paintings seem to have lives of their own and I just follow their lead into the unknown.”

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