Five Glass Artists, 23/7/2016-3/8/2016

Alex Archbold, Kathy Collins, Celia Goodman, Myra Wishart and Harriet Pelham

Following on from a very successful exhibition last year, some of the glass artists are returning to Lyme this summer.

The five artists are enthusiastic and passionate about glass, innovating and experimenting with a range of processes to produce original and unique pieces.  The artists demonstrate the beauty that can be achieved with kiln-formed glass (also known as warm glass, as opposed to hot glass disciplines such as glass blowing).

Kiln-formed glass is a beautiful medium with aesthetic potential.  The art work can be sculptural or flat, tiny or huge, with or without inclusions for internal interest.

These five artists have studied and exhibited together and use the studio to explore and develop new techniques and ideas.  Although working with the same medium, they produce a range of artefacts which may be functional or decorative, but always intriguing.  This exhibition of contemporary glass art demonstrates skills and creativity that will fascinate visitors to Lyme.

The cast glass process involves making a model from wax, clay or a found object, encasing it in refractory mould material and then melting out the model.  The mould is then fired in the kiln so that it is filled with molten glass.  The work is then polished with different grades of diamonds.  In flat glass, that is wall hangings or plates, the glass can be combined in many different ways and with other materials and is then fused in the kiln.  It can then be slumped, or bent, to achieve interesting shapes.

The contemporary glass movement has become increasingly represented in galleries today.  Celia Goodman said that although the group of five, Alex Archbold, Kathy Collins,   Myra Wishart, Harriet Pelham and herself work in very different ways, their work complements each others and they have joined forces to create a very special exhibition at the Courtyard Gallery from 23rd July.

Free admission, open daily 10.30 – 4.30.