John Marriage

Photographer and Digital Artist

I’ve been a photographer since the age of 8, with family photographic links going back two more generations. Since retiring in 2000 I’ve been able to spend more time on photography. Because I worked in technological industries, I’ve also grown up with computers; so I do, and teach, digital photography as well. So now I am a photographer with an interest in experimentation and abstraction.  Inspiration comes from shapes and colours often literally abstracted from the environment, and from looking sideways at the world. I use both digital and traditional methods, including home-made and large-format equipment taking pictures on film or paper.

The image at the top of the page was produced using a slit-scanning technique – the subject is a rotating bunch of leaves photographed on film by a panorama camera.

I have also made wholly computer-generated images using fractals, mechanical drawings using a large harmonograph, small and large nature prints using cyanotype, pinhole images, panoramas, and plenty of conventional photographs, mainly landscape, architectural and abstract.

I exhibited in the Malthouse Gallery as part of a group of three TMA members called “Triple Vision”, in 2012, 2015 and 2017.

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