Julie Oldfield to show new paintings


The Town Mill Courtyard Gallery, Lyme Regis will be hosting ‘Terrain’, an exhibition of new and retrospective paintings by Julie Oldfield, from the 18th July to 7th August.

Julie Oldfield 13 - 1

Her new paintings are influenced by her latest travels to India and Nepal. ‘Terrain’ will also show Julie’s international work over the last 10 years, brought back from her time living and painting in the Middle East, Sri Lanka and one year travelling around the world following 37 degrees latitude.

Using mixed media, Julie likes to work on metal or canvass and she brings back sand, soil and other materials from the countries she’s visited, to incorporate into her paintings. Her mixed media techniques are explained on julieoldfield.com

Back on the UK’s Jurassic Coast, she has been recording the landslides and is starting a new body of work based on the slipping landscape. Some of this work will be shown in ‘Terrain’.

Julie Oldfield 13 - 2

“I’m looking forward to this opportunity to show my paintings at the Courtyard Gallery,” said Julie. “As well as showing my latest work, the exhibition will show a collection of my best work over the years – pieces I’ve kept back for me to enjoy. Each one has a story and has special significance to me.” Julie will be working on her landslip paintings at the gallery, showing her technique. As well as having notes telling the story of each piece in the exhibition, she will be available to answer questions and explain why they are special to her.