Life in Colour, 28/7/2017-16/8/2017

Justin Clark is a figurative artist based near Lyme Regis. Colourful drawings and paintings sometimes with an unexpected twist, but always created with hard earned skills forged from the white hot heat of the life room.

Open daily, 10.30-4.30pm, free admission. Private view 28th July.

Justin says:

“I love drawing the eyes. If you can capture someone’s eyes in a drawing or painting, you have recorded a tiny echo of their soul. It all flows from that. Some people say that the face is the hardest thing to draw. I think it’s the most interesting. For me, drawing and painting with the subject right in front of you, living and breathing and thinking and feeling, is the only way I know to see the miracle that is every human being.”

“Most of my life work takes about 45 minutes or less. I like to keep the pictures fresh, and not over worked, so that the excitement of seeing something for the first time is kept, and not fabricated. I guess I am the thrill seeker in a life room, hoping to reflect the beauty of an arm, or a lock of hair dangling over an eye, in gestures and marks that are hopefully in tune with what I feel I can see. Each picture on show shares a struggle between sharing the awe that I feel about the human form, and distilling those four-dimensional graces into two.”

Justin Clark’s colourful work has been exhibited many times in the Mall Galleries, London, and is in private collections across the world.