The TMA galleries

Whether you are visiting to enjoy the art, or an artist, craftsman or designer-maker wishing to exhibit, we hope you will enjoy these two spaces in a very special location in Lyme Regis.

Both galleries have natural limewashed walls, traditional wooden windows, beamed ceilings, wooden or tiled floors and glazed doors to let in lots of light. Painted wooden screens give extra wall space as well as a varying texture to the background for 2D work, and a selection of plinths, which can be painted for each exhibition, are available for presenting 3D work.

The Courtyard Gallery

As its name suggests, this gallery leads off the courtyard at the heart of the Mill complex. It is a smaller, more intimate space suitable for 3D work and smaller flat art, and is next to the Mill Café, the pottery, and close to the shop and the brewery. It also houses the TMAG retail area, selling greetings cards, prints and some 3D work. All these factors contribute to a good number of visitors.

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The Courtyard Gallery also has the phone line, and the all-important card machine for impulse purchases.

The Malthouse

This is an imposing and interesting space, with lofty beamed ceilings. It can be set out as a large room, especially suitable for large 2D works, or divided with screens and plinths for a more intimate feel – or to allow two separate exhibitions to run at the same time.

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The aim is to keep the gallery uncluttered, so a limited number of browsers are provided. Cards, gifts and small prints are not allowed, although artists’ postcards may be put out. Credit card purchases can be made in the Courtyard Gallery.

Access is through high glazed doors off the road from Coombe Street, across a bridge. Some outside space may be available in the summer by arrangement.

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