Losing the Thread 2017, 12/10/2017-31/10/2017

Celebrating 25 Years Together

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on…”  from The Tempest by William Shakespeare, Act 4 Scene 1

Nine artists in textile and fibre: Penny Burnfield, Margaret Charlton, Helen Colling, Mair Edwards, Sarah Foulkes, Alison Hird, Lilian Harris, Pat Mummery, and Jennie Pearson

We are a group of artists based in southern England and linked by artistic expression in fibre and fabric. We exhibit together, meet to discuss current work and support each other though we follow individual themes.

Our only prescription is an open-minded attitude to fibre and fabric. So threads may intermingle, bend, break or disappear as we experiment with media and techniques. Approaches may be traditional or conceptual, use photography, found objects, paper, plastics or print. Some work is more closely related to traditional crafts, other work to fine art as we question artistic hierarchies.

Our common love is for the versatility of fibre. We hope that our audiences will enjoy our open-ended journey in this our third exhibition at The Town Mill when we are delighted to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our formation.

Open daily 10.30-4.30, free admission