21 – Losing the Thread, 2/10/2015-21/10/2015

LOSING THE THREAD – the group was formed in 1992 and now has ten members. We have exhibited widely in the South of England, in the past few years at the Greenstede Gallery, East Grinstead; the Sewell Gallery, Radley College, Oxon; the Allsop Gallery, Bridport and at the Kendrick Street Gallery, Stroud as part of the International Festival of Textiles.

We all learned to sew, knit and embroider from our mothers and grandmothers and so we naturally turned to using textiles when we studied art in later life. Over the years we have often worked in other forms of visual expression using a variety of media and techniques but the thread is never entirely lost.

Penny Burnfield has used a great variety of materials and found objects in her recent work while Margaret Charlton has made a large series of drawings of clothing fabrics. Helen Colling uses translucent layers over photographic images to express ideas of lost people, times and threads. Mair Edwards’ work is inspired by her family history and includes how her mother lost the thread with dementia. Sarah Foulkes continues to experiment with mixed media while Maggie Harris is exploring textures created using traditional mark making. Lilian Harris remains attached to fabric and thread for her art quilts. Alison Hird creates constructions made of various materials including stiffened paper and plastic but they are still held together by thread. Pat Mummery combines paint and print with hand stitch. Jennie Pearson is the newest member of the group and was attracted by our open minded exploratory approach to materials and ideas.

We each follow our own themes or threads which may bend, break, intermingle or get lost. Our title is ambiguous and questions the relationships between art and craft and whether textile art is still a distinct form of art today.

Penny Burnfield      Margaret Charlton      Helen Colling

Mair Edwards          Sarah Foulkes               Lilian Harris

 Maggie Harris          Alison Hird                    Pat Mummery

Jennie Pearson

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