March life drawing sessions

Phil and Cass received very positive feedback over their last life drawing sessions, and say “We are proposing to do another Life Thursday on the 15th March in three sessions:

  • Female model     10 to 1
  • Male model           2 to 5
  • Female model     6 to 9        

and another Life Weekend on the 17th &  18th  March, two sessions per day:

  • 10 to 1
  • 2 to 5

All TMAG members welcome, whether experienced or beginners. Guidance will be given to those who require it.  

Models are booked and places will be limited to 9 a session. We are providing  paper, pencils, charcoal etc. and this time, any dry medium can be brought by artists (as well as sketch books and rubbers). ”

Refreshments provided.

Cost will be  £15 a session and  a deposit of £5 must be sent to secure a place to

P. Clayton
21 Wessiters
Seaton EX12 2PW

01297 23115