13 – Nature’s Care, 18/6/2015 – 1/7/2015

Solo exhibition by Liz Shewan.

Liz says that ‘connecting with nature replenishes the spirit’. In her most recent exhibition Nature’s Care you will see her newest series of works.

She continues on to say ‘I look upon our ancient lands and her fruits, along with glimpses of wildlife with respect and wonder. Throughout the infinite centuries earth has endured great toil and strife that, if you listen carefully, can be heard whispering among the shadows; yet despite adversity she still manages to hold a grace so astounding … emitting a gentleness that hums in her repose, harbouring mystery and promise – all opposites rolled into one. She is a beauty to behold and one of life’s great teachers. I attempt to be her voice offering another way to connect to her treasures. As with all of my art my aim is so that you can bring beauty, peace and hope into your home passing this message into every nook and cranny of your life’.

Since moving to the West Country Liz has held exhibitions nationally and has been featured regularly in Glastonbury, Bridport, Hampshire, Manchester, Buckinghamshire and Lyme Regis to name a few.  Her work is loved by art lovers, animal lovers, spiritually minded collectors and those looking to take their first steps into the world of fine art; and is featured in collections in the UK, Brazil, France, USA, New Zealand, Spain and Ireland.


New original paintings and sculptures will be available for sale as well as some older works in the form of Open, Limited Prints and Greetings Cards.