Jamie Brown


I am an 18 year old Street and Landscape Photographer.
16624647592_d2577ad805_kI specialise in dark, moody yet smooth landscapes. Being colour blind, I often convert to black and white so that I can focus on perfecting the tones, instead of worrying about the colours in an image. I like to keep things simple,  choosing minimalist scenes and drawing out the dark colours by using long exposure times.DSC_0286-2small13633170204_890988678f_oIn Street Photography, I search for fleeting smiles and moments that can only be captured when the subjects are totally candid.

DEC14_11_7010117115987292119_e498c61c92_kI have no overall story for why I’m taking these images, but rather each photo has it’s own individual story.


www.lightphonics.co.uk     |        lightphonics@outlook.com