New exhibitors at the Town Mill

Shared Space Different Views

Nicola Dennis says ‘From Fri 30th August I and my friends Eddie Burrows and Steve Collins are hosting an exhibition in the Courtyard Gallery at the Town Mill.  Our exhibition “Shared Space Different Views” will portray three very different ways of interpreting our beautiful West Country landscape and the  wildlife within. As we are all new, this year, to TMAG, it will be our first exhibition and it would be wonderful to be able to meet as many other members as possible during our three week exhibition and to put names to faces. Please come and say hello and have a look at what we are doing. Your support would be much appreciated and would make our first flight into the world of exhibiting a little less daunting.’

One of the principle aims of TMAG is to help new artists into the exciting, but somewhat offputting, world of exhibiting – so do come along and see how much new exhibitors can achieve!

tmag shared space 13