Paper and Clay, 15/06/2018-27/06/2018

Paper and Clay is a diverse and exciting exhibition by four established ceramicists and a collograph printer: Linda Bristow, Cath Bloomfield, Alison Potter, Belinda Brownlee and Denise de Freitas.  They met ten years ago whilst studying Ceramics at Bath Spa University. Their techniques include throwing, hand building, plaster casting and mono printing onto clay, and Cath creates collograph and stitched prints. They are all inspired to create work that is vibrant and unique.

  • Cath Bloomfield is a collage print artist who explores colour, texture and narrative through this technique. She is inspired by natural forms from the Wiltshire landscape where she lives. She uses various materials within her work to create a lively visual conversation.
  • Belinda Brownlee works with white earthenware using moulds and liquid clay. She decorates by mono printing with coloured slips directly onto the plaster.  Her ideas start by sketching, mark making and combining colours.
  • Denise de Freitas builds her vessels by hand using sheets of paper clay. Layers of coloured slips are applied and then taken away, creating a depth of surface. Inspiration is taken from old buildings, peeling paint and rusting ironwork.
  • Linda Bristow is also inspired by the natural environment.  Meadow flowers and wild areas are her source of inspiration. She hand builds her fragile sculptures and presses flowers into small clay tiles to create her intricate wall pieces.
  • Alison Potter makes brightly coloured earthenware figurative vases and boats. They are individual and differ in character, but all are meant to amuse.  Her inspiration comes from people she knows or sees in the street.

Open daily 10.30-4.30, free admission