Paths of Light, 10/11/2017-29/11/2017

Solo exhibition of inspirational oil paintings by Irina Song. She says:

“My oil paintings will take viewer on a wonderful journey across magical world of brilliant colour, glistering light and divine inspiration. Each painting has its story behind, being born on the top of a cliff, on a beach or in deep valley of Dorset hills, where I used to walk to gain an inspiration. Blazing light and colours meet together in my paintings and create an impression of living melody or singing colours.

My acrylic paintings are rich in texture and every dancing brushstroke creates sense of joy and freedom. I love to paint outside, spending hours gazing at the view; it’s like breathing in the atmosphere of surrounding beauty and breathing out images full of positive feelings producing even therapeutic and emotional impact on a viewer.”

Open daily 10.30am-4.30pm. Free admission.