Perspectives, 19/3/2016-30/3/2016

Three local artists join together to showcase an exciting, eclectic mix of contrasting styles and subjects.

Sue Lewin works in mixed media and acrylics, inspired by her interest in geology, nature, travel and weather. The drama of storms features regularly in her work, as do solitary or group figures that meander along the beachscape.

The coast also inspires Elizabeth Wilson whose oil paintings capture real or re-imagined locations and the emotions she felt while there.

Philip Winstone’s mixed media landscapes are a mixture of semi-abstraction and impressionism that focus on texture and palette.

Open daily 10.30am-5.00pm. Free admission.

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Sue Lewin’s inspiration comes from an interest in geology and a love of nature and travel.  She has a real understanding of weather change and weather pattern. The drama and soft intensity of storms feature regularly in her work, reflecting patterns of fleeting light movements. This can also be seen by her curious figures of solitary walkers or group figures that meander like clouds along the beachscape. Wanting to know what these people are doing forces you to enquire deeper into her pictures.

Sue’s interpretation of our ammonite-laden Dorset coast gives us more than the naturalistic form of landscape; she fills us with a sense of space and time that falls into you, much like her endless eroding cliffs.  Sue has chosen to work in mixed media and acrylics, sometimes stirring in a touch of natural pigment of red sand stone or blue lias from the Jurassic cliffs into her paint.

Our local landscape and coast amply provide the inspiration for Elizabeth Wilson’s paintings. Some of her work ends up as purely imaginary, using stored memories, but most are based on particular scenes she has observed and which have moved her. With a love of the natural world she tries to convey not just a representation of what she sees, but also something of the emotion that she felt while in that place. Most of her work is painted in oils with a smattering of acrylic painting.


Philip WInstone’s work is not place specific and varies between abstract and figurative, focusing on texture and palette. He describes his work as a mixture of semi-abstract and impressionism. He works with mixed media, painting on canvas, board and aluminium.