Radiance, 10/08/2018-29/08/2018

Julie Oldfield’s latest exhibition (her second this year at the Mill)  is titled ‘Radiance’.  She will be showing new paintings that focus on the skies.

Julie is known for her seascapes and now has set herself a challenge to explore the moodiness and unpredictability of rapidly changing skyscapes.

She uses copper, aluminium and brass sheets with mixed media and heat and chemistry to bring out the luminance and radiance of her skyscapes.

“I really enjoy working on metal and playing with the chemistry”.

These experimental techniques also have unpredictable unforeseen results that can inspire the development of these dramatic sky images.

“The resulting images are not intended as exact records like a photograph. My work gives an impression of the environment and is intended to provoke contemplation and an emotional response.”

Julie’s work is distinctive and draws the attention of the viewer, and yet is calming and contemplative.

Open daily 10.30-4.30, free admission.