Rhythm and Flow vs. Dreamscapes, 17/6/2016-6/7/2016

Paul Duffy and Dave Wicken have come together to produce an exhibition to show their new and vibrant works.

Be prepared for something a bit punchier!
Be prepared for something a bit punchier!

Paul Duffy hailing from Yorkshire attended Bradford Art College in the 70’s.  Paul has exhibited extensively over the years and whilst living in France at Gallery Leonardo in Paris where he had both group and solo shows.

Paul’s work – “My starting point might be the flow of the paint. Colour and scale may dictate the direction of the work, abstract or semi figurative are all “grist to the mill”; a little sparkle and light are enough to make the work valid.  I am not looking to describe things, the flavour usually is enough.  Nature and vibrancy of colour lend the theme to this exhibition”.

Dave Wicken will be showing images which combine his pen and ink drawings with photography.  The drawings may provide outlines or texture; the photographs texture and colour.  The results are unusual: such things as a dinosaur eating a church, the beatification of an ostrich, a family of toucans on holiday in Cornwall and a vast whale leaping from the sea about to crush a seaside town.  He also enjoys making photomontages: constructed images composed of dozens of different photographs depicting such scenes as the Great Lyme Regis Land Slip of 2039.  “I’m always looking for new ideas,” says Dave.  “Most recently I have been experimenting with large, psychedelic abstracts, so don’t forget to bring your shades.”

Preview/private view :  6-8pm on Friday 17 June.

Free entry, open daily 10.30-4.30pm, and late night Fridays – till 7pm on Friday 2th June and 1st July.