23 – Sea, Sky and Stills, 20/11/2015-2/12/2015

An exhibition by George-Paul Sainsbury

“This is my first Solo exhibition in the UK since returning here with my family from living in France and setting up a new studio in Long Bredy. I am beginning to establish myself within the vibrant and welcoming Dorset art scene.

My work has always been figurative rather than abstract but I aim to give my personal response to a subject. To this end my usual working method is to make sketches ‘en plein air’ in pencil, pastel, oil or watercolour sometimes quite finished but more often than not they need to be quick rushed statements as a note to record my initial response to the often fast changing light and atmosphere at the time. I then assemble and study these sketches along with photographs back in the studio and explore an idea for a painting, which allows me to produce a more coherent finished painting. On occasion I will pursue the idea further as a larger piece in oil. The constant difficulty then, is to retain the freshness and spontaneity which was present in the original sketches.

As a relief from land and seascapes (and harsh weather,) I produce small, quiet still life paintings which allow me to concentrate on careful observation and in particular the representation of light and reflections.

My work, although intensely observed, is constantly tending away from the accurate reproduction of detail towards the impressionistic record of my engagement with the natural scene before me. I am particularly motivated and inspired by light just before or after storms or showers and at dawn and sunset. I have a desire to capture the essence of the subject, leaving the viewer a greater chance to find their own interpretation and response.

I am beginning to find places along the Jurassic coast to which I am returning regularly: Lyme and the Cobb with its different moods from bustling to brooding, Charmouth for its reflective and moody grey sands at low tide, the magnificent view above Abbotsbury towards Portland and the Fleet which is enough to rival any view from the Corniche roads on the Cote d’Azur and Hive Beach, my closest, for its terrific waves (and good food).”