Suspension and Talisman – coming soon

From October 3 – 30 in the Courtyard and Upstairs Galleries. Open daily 10.30-4.30 except Mondays. Free admission.

The South West Textile Group (SWTG) is a contemporary ‘textile hub’ for the South West.  As a point of exchange for people who love making, thinking or talking textiles the range of techniques and materials that textile artists employ to create original work never ceases to amaze.

Members of SWTG  employ a fantastic range of techniques and materials from woven and stitched beach detritus and metals, wool and felt to machine and fine hand embroideries to create original work.

SWTG exhibition 2013

The dual exhibition ‘Suspension and Talisman’ with recent work from members reflects big, exciting ideas and creative ingenuity that constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible often with wry humour, the stunning work in this exhibition is fun, colourful, delicate and yet also bold. You are invited to view this inspirational textile art show and take the opportunity to chat to a few of the artists whose work is featured.

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