Take Three Women, 1/4/2016-13/4/2016

Zee Jones, Vanessa Smith and Frances Dale

A mixed exhibition of contemporary work by three local artists specialising in abstract and representational landscapes as well as figurative work.

Open 10.30-4.30 daily, free admission.

Frances Dale  BA hons

After studying Medieval History and History of Art for eight years and having a full life with family and work, I can now indulge my love of painting.

I am inspired by beauty and the metaphysical. I love the mystery of a faceless figure, what are they thinking, where are they in their journey through life? I choose my subjects at random, whether it be a child at play, a group of items for  a “still life’, a seascape or a view of the countryside, as long as it either moves me or makes me wonder! I live near the coast in East Devon so I am never short on subject matter!

I work in Acrylics and oils.

Zee Jones

Zee describes her work as bold and straightforward. She believes she has an intuitive understanding of the way colours work together and how they can affect emotion. Her goal is for people to be attracted to her work and for it to touch a place inside them that makes them feel good about life.

Vanessa Smith

vanessasmithI was trained at Reigate Art School gaining a fine arts degree.  Since then I have studied with Robert Jeffery Pickering  in Lyme Regis and Mary Ann Wilmott in Honiton.

I have always enjoyed working in a studio environment bringing me into contact with other artists as well as working from home.

My favourite medium is oil.  I often work in acrylics because I find them so versatile though the paint dries quickly which is its charm and its problem!

I have many interests expressed in my paintings:  figure, landscape, still life with light and shade as a major interest.

I paint what attracts me – what draws my eye no matter the subject.  When working on a landscape painting I find myself fascinated with the relationship between earth and sky and with sunlit and shadow areas and close tones of different colours creating distance.

Whatever the subject, I try to express what moves me.  I hope that my work interests and moves others and if not then maybe the colours will appeal!