Three Interpretations, 16/6/2017-28/6/2017

Vanessa Smith, Marion Sawl and Frances Dale

These three artists will be exhibiting together each with their own interpretation of the way in which they experience their environment.  Using colour, light and shade, texture and form through the media of acrylic and oils, to create an exhibition that is a feast for the eyes.

The range, sensitivity and size shown in order to express the work add to the whole experience.

Open daily 10.30-4.30, free admission.

Vanessa Smith

I was trained at Reigate Art School gaining a fine arts degree.  Since then I have studied with Robert Jeffery Pickering, a well known Lyme Regis artist, and Mary Ann Wilmot in Honiton at her studio in Honiton.

I usually work from home but also enjoy working in a studio environment because it brings me into contact with other artists.

These days I mostly use oils, particularly for landscapes.  Oils’ ability to blend and stay “open” for a long time lends itself to my landscape painting.   I also paint flowers and figures.

I have many interests expressed in my paintings.  My main interest is in light and shade and is a major theme  of my landscapes.

I paint what attracts me – what draws my eye  – no matter the subject matter.  I try to express what moves me.  I hope that my work interests and moves others and if not then maybe the colours will appeal!

Frances Dale BA Hons

After studying Medieval History and History of Art for many years and having a full life with family and work, I can now indulge my love of painting.

I am not led by present trends, I paint what I find beautiful, mysterious or exciting.

I choose my subjects at random, whether it be a child at play, the mystery of a faceless figure, a group of items for a “still life’, a seascape or a view of the countryside, as long as it either moves me or makes me wonder!

I live near the coast in East Devon so I am never short on subject matter! I work in both acrylics and oils.

Marion Sawl

Studied at St. Martins but mainly self-taught.  I have painted scenery for Gilbert and Sullivan Operatic Society for Nat West Bank, London.  I have numerous works in collections at home and abroad .  I enjoy painting in acrylics;  oils and watercolour.

“To paint a picture that actually touches someone enough for them to purchase it is a lovely feeling”.

“I find painting a challenge and this is the motivation and the day that this is not longer the case is the day I shall put down my brushes.”