Towards the Sea, 9/6/2017-21/6/2017

Michael Stride, one of Dorset’s most established artists, presents a collection of new paintings that convey the sense of anticipation as one journeys closer to the sea, evoking memories going back as far as childhood.  His brushwork on large acrylics to small watercolours draws on light and movement progressing down sun-dappled streams or misty lanes.  Horses and even steam trains create more motion pounding along similar routes, all culminating at the drama of the water’s edge.

Jonathan Bingham’s flowing charcoal works, energized with vibrant colour, add still more variety to the collection.

We also hope that paintings by finalists of ‘Dorset’ Magazine’s Landscape Painter of the Year will be on show – to be confirmed.

Open 10.30am to 5.00pm  every day, free admission.

Private view Friday 9th June 6pm – 8pm