22 – Triple Vision, 23/10/2015-4/11/2015

Triple Vision: Colour, Pattern and Fantasy

The Triple Vision team of John Marriage, Moya Paul and Dave Wicken will be launching their new exhibition in The Town Mill Malthouse Gallery in Lyme Regis from October 23rd to November 4th.

Each of these three talented photographer-artists brings a fascinatingly different perspective to photography and what can be created from it, producing some imaginative and strikingly unusual results.

TV portraits exh 10 2015

Moya enjoys capturing images of the land and local seascapes, as well as urban shots. Some of these she converts into brightly coloured designs and abstract pictures using Photoshop. These, in turn, may become the inspiration for her paintings. Her PhotoArt images reflect her life-long fascination with Cubist art forms and the vivid colours of the Fauvists.

John’s inspiration comes from shapes and colours abstracted from the natural and man-made environment. This time he shows a group of cyanotype nature prints – photograms taken directly from plants and man-made objects, and also some digitally constructed images based on photographs taken in Lyme Regis and Iceland.

Dave will be showing images which combine his pen and ink drawings with photography – such things as a dinosaur eating a church, a vast whale leaping from the water about to crush a seaside town, and some insect-legged deer ritually circling a tower of stones beneath Golden Cap at low tide.


For a taste of what you will see, please go to www.tapestry.org.uk/tv