Triple Vision 2017, 14/4/2017-26/4/2017

L-R: Dave Wicken, Moya Paul, John Marriage

Three Lyme Regis-based artists who use photography as part of their practice come together once again. We’ll be showing digitally generated images, pictures derived and abstracted from photographs, and combinations of photography, drawing and painting.

John Marriage

A photographer with an interest in experimentation and abstraction. Inspiration comes from shapes and colours often literally abstracted from the environment, and from looking sideways at the world. I use both digital and traditional methods, including home-made and large-format equipment taking pictures on  film or paper.

For 2017 I plan to operate some Steampunk drawing machines in the Gallery – harmonograph, pintograph, and perhaps more. I am constructing them over the winter, so exactly what will appear is still uncertain! You’ll be able to see them operating, and even join in. I have also been working with computer fractal images, making complex shapes in beautiful colours by a more modern version of automatic drawing.

Moya Paul

I have been painting for many years but only took up digital photography when I retired. This was an open door into a whole new form of creativity. I am experimenting with the incredible scope for photographic transfiguration now offered by digital tools. This enables me to make full use of the shapes, colours and moods of my original photograph and to allow the work to move into abstract shapes and designs. One of the exciting aspects of this work (and hard work it is!) is that each photograph seems to go its own way and no two results are ever exactly the same. I have been influenced by the time spent at college studying paintings by early cubist artists like Duchamp and some of my work reflects this.

Dave Wicken

My work falls, broadly speaking, into four categories: pen & ink drawings; photography; images which combine drawing with photography; and photomontages.  I like to make pictures of things you may not see every day:  a pair of supersonic butterflies upsetting a gull; a family of toucans on holiday in Cornwall; a sheep attaining enlightenment.  Recently I have been working on more decorative work: flower designs incorporating unusual textures and influenced by Art Deco and the Minoans.  I shall also be showing some large, psychedelic, op-art pictures, so please don’t forget your shades.