Trisha Hayman

Painter and illustrator

Trisha Hayman is predominantly a self trained water-colour artist. She achieved a Merit in Illustrating Children’s Books from the London Art College and has also had her work featured on a range of sketch books produced by multi-national art materials company Daler-Rowney. A Botanical Art course honed her skills and taught her to pay attention to form, to observe carefully and produce a subtle colour palette.

Attracted to painting still-life studies, Trisha shows the beauty of things that no-one looks at twice, from the fragility of skeleton leaves to the delicacy of a bird’s feather or insect wings. These observations are usually painted with minute attention to detail, set against a plain background, with nothing else to distract the eye. To quote from the painter, Eliot Hodgkin:

It is to show the loveliness of natural objects which are normally thought uninteresting or even unattractive…I try to look at quite simple things as though I were seeing them for the first time and as though no one had ever painted them before.

Commissions have included: Christmas cards and individual paintings to celebrate birthdays, births and even Valentine’s Day.

Trisha has exhibited locally; is an enthusiastic member of the annual Lyme Regis Artsfest and has recently had a successful joint exhibition with the Town Mill Arts Guild in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Trisha’s web site is