17 – Unintentional Outcomes!, 6/8/2015-19/8/2015

‘Unintentional Outcomes!’ is an exhibition of Julie Oldfield’s new mixed media landscape paintings.

Her unusual technique uses weathering processes on metal sheets, canvasses or board to develop her images. The random patterns of rust and oxidation on the metal surface are the starting points that inspire work such as autumnal woodlands, and she adds various mixed media to build her paintings. She often scrapes away materials to expose pure metal, giving a depth and feeling that light is reflected from deep within the landscape, perhaps giving impressions of glistening seascapes.

Julie often leaves her canvasses and boards outside to weather as she works on them, letting nature have a hand in her art, giving each piece a unique character that cannot be duplicated. This natural process helps create the mood she wants to capture, sometimes with unintentional consequences.

Visitors to the two-week exhibition can watch Julie create new work as she incorporates pastel, spray paints, soil, seawater and other materials into her pictures.

Julie said, “I’m delighted to return to The Malthouse. The large open space of this historic building is a perfect place to show the larger pieces of my work. I’ve really enjoyed developing my metal and weathering technique over recent years and feel that it is now growing into something distinctive and special.”

Her images range in size from 6 x 6 cm mini squares to large-scale work of 1 square meter and beyond. Commissions can be discussed. More information and images can be viewed at www.julieoldfield.com

Open daily, 10.30am to 4.30 pm. Free admission.